About Us

An organization dedicated to motor vehicle accidents and repair

For the Australian auto insurance and related industries, Motostead is one of the biggest and most seasoned providers of specialized accident management and assessing services.

In order to facilitate every part of a motor vehicle accident, we have built and developed experience, processes, and capacities over the past ten years. This includes our call center, which interacts with customers, our committed suppliers, who repair vehicle damage, and our own assessors and technical specialists, who control prices.

Each of our clients has a wonderful claims experience with us every single time. This is made possible by both our technology, which enables our clients to provide their consumers with excellent claims experience, and our reliable processes and procedures, which uphold compliance and service standerds.

MOTOSTEAD – Australia’s Most reliable Assessment Company.

For all automotive vehicle analyzing, valuing, pricing, and estimating needs, turn to Motostead.

We specialize in all facets of accident evaluation, from insurance valuations to giving expert witness reports for subsequent court hearings.

Pre-purchase inspections, automobile appraisals for purchasing and selling, repair evaluations, and other services relating to vehicles are also available. A complete list of our services can be found on our Services Page.

We also offer a range of mechanical engineering services and full mechanical inspections, specializing in gearbox and drivetrain diagnosis, repair and rebuilding. We have all the latest specialist equipment allowing us to perform work to the highest standard in Australia.

Where we are today

Since serving the majority of the Australian auto insurance business for ten years, Motostead today employs more than 50 individuals and works throughout the entire country of Australia. Since then, Motostead has expanded the scope of its service offerings from a concentration on assessment to include all aspects of a car accident, no matter how severe, from the initial notice of loss to the conclusion of repair.


Our Values

The fundamental principles that underpin our business serve as our compass. These lay the groundwork for how we grow our company and our workforce, provide our services, and interact with our customers.


With you on every road right around Australia

We have staff and assessors in every state and territory around Australia to provide you with national coverage.

What Our Clients Say?