Independent Motor Vehicle Assessor In Australia

Our Working Process

The business has more than 7 years of experience assessing damaged motor vehicles for top insurers and performing smash repairs.

offering superior and knowledgeable customer satisfaction, as well as digital online and on-site reviews. Motostead offers services all around Australia, and on-site assessors can be found in all states and territories.

About Us

An organization dedicated to motor vehicle accidents and repair

For the Australian auto insurance and related industries, Motostead is one of the biggest and most seasoned providers of specialized accident management and assessing services.

In order to facilitate every part of a motor vehicle accident, we have built and developed experience, processes, and capacities over the past ten years. This includes our call center, which interacts with customers, our committed suppliers, who repair vehicle damage, and our own assessors and technical specialists, who control prices.


Why Choose Motostead
An organization dedicated to motor vehicle accidents and repair

Reduction of Downtime

Vehicle downtime can be reduced with a quick online assessment and repair approval.

Processing That Is Quick

Utilizing our information technologies to deliver efficient processing while lowering errors.

Consistency of Price

Because of the reliability and affordability of our pricing, you can control your spending.


Your costs for disputes and compliance might be decreased thanks to our services’ total transparency.

Statistical Analysis

Our product, AutoIntegrity, is used in our unmatched reporting and analysis solutions.

Outcome Confidence

We will control and minimize all claims-related risks in order to increase the confidence of the desired outcomes.

What We Do

Australia’s leading experts in accident management are at Motostead. After a collision, we’re here to make sure that your car and your circumstances are taken care of so you can return to driving as soon as possible and in the same condition as before the collision.

We make sure you are getting a fair deal throughout, confirming that car repairs have been completed accurately and to standards, as well as evaluating quotations and bills to repair your car or the other party’s car.

In relation to judicial cases, we can also be of assistance. We can assist you in making your case and explaining all the technical aspects of automobiles because we are qualified by the courts in NSW to produce expert witness statements.

Additionally, we provide car values that accurately reflect your vehicle’s value rather than what a book claims. Whether you are purchasing a car, selling a car, or applying for insurance, we offer realistic market appraisals so you may know how much the automobile is really worth and negotiate a reasonable price.

If you’re seeking to acquire a car, we offer pre-purchase car inspections so you can learn more about the vehicle’s history, including any accidents, damage, or repairs it may have undergone, as well as its genuine condition. This enables you to decide on its true value and what you should be willing to pay for it.

With assessors working in every state, we provide services throughout Australia. Therefore, we can assist you wherever you live!

On-site Evaluations

We provide convenient on-site assessments and will come to you for a worry-free vehicle examination.


Heavy machinery, boats, caravans, motorcycles, vintage and muscle cars, luxury cars, supercars, and other sorts of vehicles are among the range of things we offer appraisals for.

Evaluation Reporting

The Autointegration programme is used by us to provide thorough reporting on all evaluations.


delivering an independent report on expert witness claims, confirming damages are consistent with claims made, ensuring repair charges are handled fairly and reasonably.

Pre-accident Appraisals

Motostead pre-accident and independently values every car offered for salvage at auction.

Instant Written Authorization

If the insurance requests it, we’ll give them a written authorization right away.

Post-repair Evaluations

To ensure that all work is safe and legal, we provide full evaluations of cars following repairs.

Last Repair Evaluation

Reviewing the final repair costs can confirm that a fair and reasonable service was provided.

Our Services

We have developed a variety of programmes throughout the years that provide significant savings in addition to substantial value. Each of our clients expanded the range of their services for us after our initial contract. We deliver on their faith in us.

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